Everyone Sells

We have yet to meet a company that doesn’t need more sales.  More sales can mean more services sold, more people attending your church, more cell phones pushed out the door.  Here’s the million dollar question:  Does everyone in your organization realize that they are in sales?  That’s right – everyone!  We worked with an insurance company that wanted to increase sales to new customers, which you know is the best and most profitable way of growing the company other than loyalty (loyalty is salt and pepper).  After a bit of probing and some pushback from Accounting and IT, we found that this 60 person company touches an average of 3,000 people per day.  With this many touches to clients and vendors, each person in the company has the opportunity to create remarkable experiences.  Think of a pleasant response to a less than friendly email, the creation of a client concierge department or maybe something as easy as a Thanksgiving card – a nontraditional touch.  How could your company grow and change if they looked at these touch points as opportunities to inspire customers and vendors?  How do you move people to become raving fanatics of yours?  Check out Keith Ferrazzi’s blog, he talks about it too!

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