Do You Show Up and Throw Up?

Do you show up and throw up?  If someone asks you what you do, is your response long winded?  Are people leaving the conversation before you can ask them the same question in return?  Our “marketing piece” is literally an airline-grade barf bag with a Sales Safety Information card inside of it!  It is remarkable, meaning people actually remark!  We were recently in Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and we were handing out barf bags.  Later in the trip, someone overheard our company name, Sales by 5, and said “Oh yeah, the barf bag guys!”  So for all of you without a barf bag, check out our Sales Safety Card tips below.  And if you’re dying for a Sales by 5 barf bag, shoot us an email and we’ll pop one in the mail to you.  If we run out, we’ll get one to you as soon as we are restocked.

Sales Safety Information

1.       10 seconds: This is how long it should take you to peak someone’s interest on what you can do for them.

2.       Listen twice as often as you speak

3.       Numeric precision on your communications messages greatly increases your credibility and the difference you portray. Example: We return your calls in less than 5 minutes.

4.       Clarity in your marketing messages (5th grade reading level) increases your odds of selling by 70%.

5.       Focus in your marketing messages to one thing increases your odds of selling by 60%. Eliminate the irrelevant.

6.       Your image matters, so do the features, but your overt benefit and the real reason to believe you can deliver that benefit matters the most.

7.       If you have dramatic difference from your competition, you have 370% greater odds of success and profitability. Source: Harvard Business Review. Not sure if you have dramatic difference?

8.       Salt and Pepper: If you were helping a restaurant get more customers, you would not advertise that you have free salt and pepper. Is your company selling salt and pepper to your industry?

9.       Does everyone in your organization know what to say when asked what you do? These sound bites should be artwork on your walls!

10.   Does your business card give the recipient the benefit received when working with you?

If this got your attention and you’d like to apply it to your company, check out our Eureka! Winning Ways program.

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