Giving value or saving someone hundreds of dollars is selling!

We often save our clients so much money on purchases of products or services, the monthly bill for our service becomes irrelevant.  We saved one client more than $2,000 in one week by purchasing computers and lcd’s through our channels.  Other clients have saved thousands by redoing their cell phone bills according to our suggestions.  With that, I’d like to pass along a tip on how you can save as well.

The Dell Outlet is a spectacular place to buy Dell computers at a discount.  Typically someone will buy a Dell, then determine they don’t like the color or have some other minor quibble and return it.  Dell chops the price significantly and resells it in the outlet.  Exact details here.  They come with the same warranty as if it were brand new.  The Dell Latitude D630 is a favorite of mine due to it’s reasonable size and good build quality.

Don’t settle for just buying from Dell Outlet, get a coupon from the following places:

Remember that significant savings is selling.  You are selling yourself by being associated with high value. 

UPDATE:  1:53 PM CST – We just had a great experience ordering a new laptop from Dell Outlet.  Their customer support was excellent and they deserved to be praised.  Great work Eric P. and Chris B.! Thanks for a great deal too.

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