Company Legends Develop a Strong Culture

Have you caught an employee doing something outstanding today?  Don’t keep it a secret!  Tell everyone in the company and make it a habit to talk about these  stories.  Celebrate when someone goes above and beyond!  Tie these stories to a core value.  Doing this develops a culture where people look for the opportunity to do something great more frequently.  But the best part, you are internally branding “outstanding” or “what can we do for this customer to make them say wow?”

It’s simple but not easy! Every day at SalesBy5 we pay attention to everyone that we come in contact with. We office in a great building with hundreds of people. The amazing thing is that we feel we have had an impact on these people who are not our clients in the last few years. Our purpose as a company is to inspire others. We take that very seriously and we measure it.  We have a giant wall of fame with mentions of us inspiring others. How does that have anything to do with increasing sales for companies and organizations? Everything! See our next blog on why it matters and what not to do.

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