How Are You Branding Yourself?

We all have a personal brand. Using you natural strengths is the best branding message you can convey!

I love it when I meet people and they own a BlackBerry. I never let them walk away without offering to install Viigo (a fantastic Mobile RSS reader), Google Maps and Beyond 411. Typically, they are shocked that these amazing applications are free. I’ve often received emails a few days later thanking me! I don’t charge for this service, it’s a free prize inside for knowing Salesby5. It brands me and our company as tech-savvy and high value.

The value I give is not forced, it is something I must do. It’s received as a gift, but really it is my gift to be able to share. What are you doing to share your strengths, your brand, your value?

Tell us in the comments what you do to gain mindshare as high value.

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I have the fancy title, "Executive Sales Representative," but I'm not sure that this title really describes my position. Technically, I am responsible for selling drilling equipment to the decision makers at several major oil and gas companies. The reality is, I don't like to sell. Nan from SalesBy5 offered me the chance of a lifetime. He introduced me to Marcus Buckingham and his message in, "Go Put Your Strengths to Work." Upon reading his book and watching his DVDs, I was convinced that I was in the right position, but had the wrong title. My strength is helping others. Example: Everyone of my customers in the oil and gas business is overstretched. This is the reason for my success. I'm here to help. If I happen to sell one my products to sucessfully drill the customer's oil well, then it's a win-win situation. If I don't, then I'm still satisified but challenged to work harder for the next well. Either way, my customer still feels like I was part of the team that sucessfully completed the project and is wanting my participation on the next well. Now it's your turn to separate your title from your position, find your strength and do what you do best.


I recently upgraded by BB with the latest Google Maps, which now has a "My Location" feature, and adds a blinking blue dot to the map indicating your location within 1000 feet. From there, you can get driving directions to anywhere you want to go! This is a great feature because before you had to type both addresses in, which was especially difficult if you don't know where you are! The other cool feature is that it will show traffic on the roads, which is also helpful. For more neat Google mobile tools, go to