De-Motivators Beware!

So lately we’ve talked a lot about de-motivation. It can knock a sales person off their natural sales high and take a CEO from confident to wanting to leave and sell out from the company.  It comes from all angles.  It happens when your payment comes a month late, your commission check is in question and going to take a few more weeks, or your review has been postponed until next month.

There are hundreds of other situations, but the worst that SalesBy5 sees is to say one thing and do another. For example, we know of a few companies that have core values written BIG and BOLD on their office walls. The problem? They have a leader who does not follow, live, or enforce the values! This person lives by their own values or lack their of. They have much to do with communication and ethics and they affect the entire company. Core values are sets of behaviors that are in companies and organizations. They are behaviors that people respect/do not respect, love/loathe, and want to work for/run from.

People get hired by and quit companies people. How are you doing? How are your bosses doing? Actually, we know the answer for most of you.  Congratulations to the people who have a boss, teacher or supervisor who recognizes and appreciates your strengths and who compensates for your weaknesses!

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