How to Make Sure Your Request Gets Attention

When I ask one of my two young children to do something, like clean a mess, or “take this to your room,” the message is not listened too. I can ask four times and have the same outcome. Yet, when I give them a number for them to use to help understand, everything changes. “On the count of three, you will take this to your room, one, two…” and they are on their way. I do not need to have a punishment.

WHY: We need that clarity. ASAP means AS SOON AS I make time.

WHAT TO DO:  If someone says “I need this Tuesday,” ask “what time?” If you are the person that asks, start giving an exact time – “I need this on Tuesday at 2:15.” It gives relevance on when and it gives a sense of urgency, let alone clarity!

THE POINT: Give clarity in your communication to the point of numerical precision at home and at work. Ten years ago you were not competing with my BlackBerry, my kids, and the quantity of ideas that I have.

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