Marcus Buckingham – Strengths and How It Can Change Your Life

Marcus Buckingham is scheduled to be on Oprah soon talking about strengths.  If you have the opportunity, check it out, as he works with 29 women to help them maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Marcus will also be in San Antonio during Envision ’08, April 23-25, speaking on strengths. 

Knowing your strengths is valuable at any age, whether your 15 or 55, because it helps you recognize where your natural talents intersect with your knowledge and skills.  The best person to recognize these strengths is you.  Salesby5 has been fortunate to work with The Marcus Buckingham Company and is one of the few companies that has the priviledge of teaching strengths as well as benefiting from its practices.  Check out some testimonials from our client, Tesoro, on how we were able to introduce strengths to their interns (scroll down on the videos toward the bottom).

Are you one of the 2 out of 10 that plays to their strengths on a daily basis?

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