Playing to Your Strengths Sometimes Means Volunteering Your Strengths

Nan here… My fiancée is a spectacular photographer.  She is passionate about it, reads about it, and has unlimited energy to learn more.  We are active at our church (her pictures there too).  And, of course, she is the photographer for the church.  Recently she was asked to take care of the children one weekend a month.  As much as she likes children, she was dreading taking on this task.  Even worse, she was dreading saying “no.”

Why does this matter?  It is important to remember that no matter what team you’re on, you need to pay attention to your strengths.  One of the three myths is that a team member does whatever it takes to help a team.  The truth is, a team member is most effective when they offer up their strengths.  This is where you’re team gets the most out of you and you remain the most fulfilled.  Next time you are asked to take on a task that isn’t the right fit, try offering up your strengths instead.  You may end up better off.

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I am writing on behalf of Jenifer Fox, author of YOUR CHILD'S STRENGTHS. It is written for parents and teachers, however, much (if not all) can be applied to adults. Check out her website: -- or -- go to -- to learn more about building on your strengths. Let me know what you think.