What If Your Best Salesperson was Your Website?

We run across companies weekly that have a website and say they get no leads from it. We also have some of the same companies that have a site that has not been touched in 4 years, but are expecting something from it. Your website can be your most profitable salesperson. No medical, no dental, no vacation, and most importantly, no bad attitudes.

We recently worked with an electric car company. They had sold only 1 car in over a year.  It was sold from their website and their retail location was not selling anything. In two months time, we have gotten them a 3000% increase in inquires, meaning people who want to place deposits and interested buyers.  Sales have increased by 700%. Their biggest hurdle now is getting inventory; a problem that did not exist 60 days ago. We did not redesign their entire site, as it was good. The product is the same.  The words were bad and did not sell. The difference was making the site sell and making it visible to the market.  Now, when people are looking for electric cars, we know what they’ll find.

Next time you’re looking to hire a salesperson, crunch the numbers on the travel, phone, car, insurance and other perks, then give us a ring about your website.

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