It’s Not About Me at Work or Home

I am on a camping trip with the family. It was the second trip in an RV, the last one was a big sale in March. This one was a lesser RV by far, but incorporated the beach, the water and a second place, Choke Canyon. I set out early to get mentally prepared, as I have been vacation deprived for several years, to the point of 2 to 4 days in 2 years.  Well, mentally I made a point to make sure this was not about me! It was about the experience for my family. It probably sounds simple, like “of course, why would anything be about you?”  In a work or personal environment, things can get to the point of tragic before you realize that you have alienated your co-workers or family, respectively.  Start making the adventure of work and life an experience for everyone, not just yourself, and see how engaged the people in your life can be!  Like most things, life is more fun with others.

Picture by sunchild_dd

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