Impressed By An Orthodontist – GASP!

On Monday, I had a meeting with a client at his orthodontist office. I had never been to his office before but have been to plenty of dentists’ offices. As I walked in, here is what I saw (attached).  It got better too! There was awesome music playing and flat screens everywhere. The bathroom had an automatic sink, soap and paper towels. The people were very nice and asked if I wanted coffee, tea, soda, etc.

Well, I started my meeting with Dr. Robert (Tito) Norris at his Stone Oak offices that are totally solar powered.  I told him I was impressed and he quickly mentioned that he has game consoles ordered for the office that will have his adult clients playing and asking for more time before their appointment.

The experience was remarkable. What Tito has done is take a business that no one really wants to visit or buy from and make it a place that is great to visit. My dentist has no music, no entertainment, only some past issues of fishing magazines and terrible restrooms.  But he does a great job.  Today, doing a good job or a great job is salt and pepper.  What you do today to set the standards in your field and make people remark sets the stage for future success.

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