Preferred Means of Communication

An internal study at SalesBy5 from customers, vendors and colleagues has provided us the following:

Most people do not want their cell phone number given out.  Typically they get countless email or phone requests asking for an hour of their time. Others hate email and delete it as fast as it comes in, while some embrace it! So what’s the key in finding a person’s preferred method of communication? Ask! The last resort is to try them all, but you may look like an obsessed boyfriend/girlfriend. Paying attention makes the dramatic difference!

photo by jackhynes

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Naomi Simson
Naomi Simson

This might be a uniquely American thing. We find that the more that we make ourselves available the less people actually do. It is a security thing. I run an online business in Australia - and we make LINK it loud and proud how people can get hold of us. Even in the public arena I give away my contact details - and people rarely contact me.