Competing Against Crowdsourcing and Computers

Do you think attorneys are pleased with, where you can get many (sometimes boilerplate) legal documents for a bargain?  How do you think designers feel about, where you pay a deposit then designers compete to get paid?  I bet they feel similar to the way brokers felt when E*Trade came along – nervous and annoyed.  Some say it cheapens the value of their work.  I suggest that these people just need to do a better job telling a compelling story.  A custom designer is going to be able to give you a tighter look and feel to the heart of your company than a crowdsourced designer.  A personal attorney will be able to write tighter documents for your personal situation than a computer program.  Not only does this need to happen, but these people need to be able to clearly articulate their benefit.  What do you think?  Tell us in the comments!

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