Archive | November, 2008

Core Values

Core values serve the purpose of defining who we hire, fire, promote, de-mote, etc. They are behaviors and tell your employees, managers, and leaders how to behave. When we are unsure about what next steps to take, looking to our core values leads us in the right path. A few of ours are: • Always […]

A Man that Inspires Salesby5!

Today at 5pm, there will be a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of our CIO (Chief inspiration officer) and Co-Author of the SalesBy5 blog, Nan Palmero. He earned his title long ago, long before I met him. His friends will also attest to his incredible ability to help, lead, and inspire. When I met him, […]

Time for a Change?

Today, we built, ran and executed a complete rebranding of a company in Alpine, Texas. It was special that with this 40+ year old company, with many employees that have been there over 20 years, we built a brand that was able to sell them on the future of the company. The response from 60+ […]