Using Your Emails to Sell

Have you ever received an email that looked something like this:

Here’s the proof you requested. Please review and let me know your choice.


Did that type of email leave you feeling sold on the person that wrote the email or the company where that person worked?  Maybe you have been guilty of sending an email like this, I know I have.  Consider writing your emails with an extra touch of kindness and courtesy.  Here’s one way of rewriting the above email that is a bit more agreeable.


Good morning XYZ,

I hope you are having a great day.  I have attached the proof for your review.  Would you kindly have a look at your convenience and let me know your preference, please?   Thank you for your time and have a wonderful afternoon.



Notice the greeting, small and warm pleasantry in the intro, kind tone and a nice ending.  If you write your emails too short and to the point, they can come across cold and at worst, angry.  If you are ever unsure about the tone of your email, read it with an angry tone and see how it sounds, then revise if necessary.  Remember, each time you touch your prospect, vendor or client, you have the opportunity to sell or un-sell.

photo by Somewhat Frank

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