The Devil is in the Details

Every time you interact with your customer, whether you realize it or not, you are telling a story.  Oftentimes, it’s the details that tell customers about you and potentially sell or unsell.  The other day, I visited a national franchise sandwich shop.  The local owners had decided that they would only accept $20 bills or smaller, the restrooms were only for customers and they specifically spelled out the cost for guacamole and other toppings.  What did all this tell me?  The owners were interested in penny pinching over providing me a great experience.

On the other hand, this past weekend, I visited a local movie theater.  After washing my hands, I used the automatic paper towel dispenser and received a long sheet to dry my hands.  Next time you use an automatic paper towel dispenser, notice the length of the paper towel.  It’s adjustable.

What story are you telling your customers with the little things you do?  Beware; the devil is in the details.

photo by nickgraywfu

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