Rethink Your Offering

There isn’t anything much simpler to most of us than a hamburger.  Yet, when I watched the video at, I was blown away.  Sure, I found it brilliant that Burger King found a pure group with whom to conduct a taste test.  More interesting to me, though, was the basic concept where people didn’t even know how to pick up the hamburger.  For 2009, try rethinking the story that you tell about your product or service.  You’re offering may be as simple as selling a hamburger, but people still may not understand the benefit that you provide to them.  If Burger King had to re-tell the story, maybe you do too.  Check out the video below, it really is fascinating.

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The SalesBy5 teams favorite burgers are the Americana burger at Papoulis Greek Grill and the Big Ass burger at the Roaring Fork.