Who or What is Feeding Your Brain?

Your brain has a limitation on the amount you can learn and retain in one day. The saying goes “you are what you eat” can also be paired with “you are what you learn.”  We are running into people fresh out of college and older, even some in software development or web technology, that do not use, understand or know what social media is on its simplest level.  If you don’t know what some of these tools are, take a stroll over to Common Craft to get a crash course on what some of the available social media tools are.   Keep in mind that just graduating (if you graduated) is not enough.  The question is – what have you done for you, lately?

Salesby5 will soon be hosting the first ever 17 minutes with the “Trained Brains,” Erik and Nan, at the end of January.  If you’d like to attend the teleconference, send us your e-mail and we will send you a phone number for your 2009 marketing jump start.

photo by lapolab

photo by lapolab

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