Kleenex – Making Facial Tissue An Experience

Kleenex would definitely not  be considered a sexy product.  It’s a paper product, and one that you use most often when you don’t feel well.  Honestly, Kleenex couldn’t be more of a commodity product.  To break out, they are creating a program called Feelspace.  Feelspace is Kleenex’s mall experience where they have a 20 x 20 booth that features Kleenex’s products.  You’re able to touch a waterfall, get a hand massage or sample Kleenex tissues from dispensers.  Feelspace even features a 42 inch touchscreen to have fun with images.  Kleenex is bundling the experience with an iPhone app to boot.  Having taken these initiatives, Kleenex is taking a commodity product,  then using Feelspace to fulfill a customer’s need for a see, feel, touch experience – the single most powerful way for a consumer to understand your product benefit. Are you in a perceived commodity market? What are you doing to help customers see, feel and touch your product to help differentiate yourself?

kleenex-feelspace photo via brandfreak.com

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