The Gap Between Brand Promise and Brand Experience

Recently we had a meeting with Alan Weinkrantz, Ryan Kelly and Steve Patti.  During our discussion, we were talking about how important it is for companies to live their brand on the inside of the organization before taking it to the public.  This ensures that everyone is on the same page as far as what’s being sold, what’s been promised and what the experience should feel like.  Steve put it into his words by saying that the gap the customer feels between the brand promise (what the customer expects) and the experience (what the customer actually receives) is what ends up affecting the perception of the brand.  The closer the brand promise and the brand experience are to one other, the better the client feels about having done business with the company and the more likely they are to return.  Conversely, the further the gap, the more damage is done to the brand.

Consider if you went to Wal-Mart (low prices) and you purchased an item, then later found that Target actually had lower prices.  What if you were to go to a Ritz-Carlton Hotel and not experience remarkable, world class service?  These experiences would clearly cause a disconnect between the brand promise and brand experience.

Have you had a similar experience or the complete opposite experience, where you expected less and got more?  Share with us in the comments.

photo by dustin

photo by dustin

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