Get Press Coverage by Attending Tweetups

Yesterday, Laura Lorek from the San Antonio Express News (@mysa) wrote Recession Spurs Startups, an excellent article about us and a few other local companies, such as IncSpring, Blellow, Pear Analytics and Third Party Code doing cool work in San Antonio.  We’ll let you in on a little secret – reporters want to know you and write about you as badly as you want them.  Here’s how we did it.  We do things a bit differently by working to dramatically increase sales backed by data, not by pretty ads or slick marketing pieces (not that we won’t use these tactics in the overall plan).  As Woody Allen says 80 percent of success is just showing up, so we did just that.  If you’ll notice, many of the companies at the tweetup are also in the article.  In case you don’t know, a tweetup is a twitter meet-up, where people on twitter meet face to face.  Here’s the abbreviated lesson of how to get media coverage:

  1. Do remarkable work.
  2. Get on twitter and develop relationships with the media, genuinely, by providing them real value
  3. Go to or start a tweetup in your town and invite your media friends
  4. At the tweetup, talk to your media person and introduce them to all your business friends that are doing interesting work. “You need to meet Ryan, he’s doing really cool work for…, he’d be a great person to know for a write-up.”  Your job is to make your media person’s life easy. Give them substance, something cool.

If you have questions on how to do any of this or how to talk to your media friends, drop us a line.  They’re human just like (most of) the rest of us.

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Oscar Williams
Oscar Williams

Nice write up in the Express News. Congrats to all of you Erik!!