Grow Where You’re Planted

Right before my former company gave up its roots of being a design firm and became an advertising agency, I was told to grow where I was planted. Today, I see event companies attempting full service advertising and continually losing their customers within a few months, as one or the other is not their calling. I see branding firms attempting to become ad agencies, but will enter the commodity bottom half rather than offering a true difference. For many entrepreneurs, the desire to expand into other areas or test other services keeps them from mastering their true purpose. I know this because I have allowed it at times, although it was not my company’s purpose nor in my heart.  When you focus on your company’s true purpose while doing what you love and loving what you do, you will grow well and fast where you are planted.

Grow Where You're Planted

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I think a great follow up to this post would be "How To Plant Yourself In The Best Soil". Of course, maybe that's already been written enough times... (finding your parachute)?