Are you using your Strengths?


We all know that there are inherent desires and passions within us that gravitate towards different subjects. You’ve known this since you were a kid. What are some of those passions that you have where you have endless levels of energy to read, research and grow? According to Marcus Buckingham, Strengths have SIGNs:

Success – You have been successful in developing this area of your life.
Instinct – There’s a natural desire in your life to do that activity.
Growth – When you do the activity, you get better than the last time.
Needs – You have a desire to do the activity again.

For business leaders, are you letting your teams explore their Strengths? For all team members, are you doing what you can to embrace your Strengths and spend more time each day using them? It may seem far fetched, but the beauty is that everyone has different Strengths that often complement one another. You will be amazed at how much happier you (and your team) will be at the end of the day once you’re actually doing what you love.

*The photo above is of our friend, Stephen Lynch, during the New Zealand Strongest Man Contest – Lifting 410 kgs aka 904 lbs!

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