Six characteristics for the right people

This week on EOtv, Jim Collins gave his “tip of the week” regarding how to find the right people to fill a key seat.  There are six generic characteristics that any person in a key seat should have. 

The right people…

  1. Share your core values– When they walk in the door, they already have the same values. (Rather than you having to turn them into people with those values.)
  2. Don’t need to be tightly managed – They are self-managed, self-disciplined and self-motivated.
  3. Do what they say they will do – Thus, they are very careful about what they say they will do.
  4. Have responsibilities – They don’t think in terms of “I have a job,” but rather, “What am I responsible for?”
  5. Have window-and-mirror maturity – When things go badly, they’re comfortable looking in the mirror and taking responsibility; when things go well, they look out the window to point to others for their success.
  6. Are passionate about everything you do – Whether it’s your core values, your culture or your product/service, they passionate about being a part of your team.

Do the people in your key seats possess these six characteristics?  How much more smoothly would your company or organization run if these described everyone on your team?


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Davis Staedtler
Davis Staedtler

All the more reason to have a candidate interview with a minimum of three different people. Time and pressure often thrust us into making a false positive choice in hiring a candidate. Additionally, unearthing the six characteristics mentioned presents a further challenge, especially if we're focused more on what we're going to do as opposed to who is the best to do it.