Your Wife Is Hot – Part 2!


Interested in using “Your Wife is Hot” in any form of advertising?  Do you see this phrase being used outside of Dallas?  Click here.

The number one question I get all the time regarding the “Your Wife is Hot” billboard article, is “did someone from Jon Wayne company ever call you?”  The answer is still no.  I have called them back and attempted to ask the owners about the billboard, leaving a total of four new messages in the last two weeks. So far, I have seen about three places in San Antonio where these billboards reside and can’t understand why my calls were never returned. Jon Wayne Air Conditioning, are you worried about something?

My plan was to write about a billboard that finally caught my attention. After building and owning a top design firm turned ad agency and working in branding for about 24 years, I am always amazed by the story behind what you see. We use Beyer Boys for my house.  They do not have any funny or cool billboards but they do return your call, even if you want to talk to the owners. Great marketing is just hype if you don’t have the execution to follow-through!

Remember, the data shows that there are so few people that followup and are lacking in execution that you can win if you just stick with it.

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WOW! Why spend thousands in advertising if you don't plan to answer the phone or return the calls.