Chik-Fil-A and Walgreens Billboard Review


I am driving down 1604 and see this billboard.  This one amazed me in the most unique way. They gave 5 days out of 365 to appreciate customers? What happens the rest of the days? How do they track the billboard versus word of mouth versus any other advertising? There’s no way to know if Chik-Fil-A should do this every year for 5 days or attempt another strategy. So, how did it work?


This next billboard had a benefit attached of possible employment as well as a way to interact and they know if it worked. Now, if I worked for Walgreens (I’m very willing to help their marketing department make their signs smarter and more effective), I would add the following to the web address: Then, we know just about how many people took action due to this specific sign and if it worked in getting applications via the website. In June 2008 I wrote about “your website can be your best sales person” and part 2 was earlier this year. Part 3 is coming up with the best tips for Chik-Fil-A, Walgreens and you.

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Davis Staedtler
Davis Staedtler

They might as well change the title of the sign to "closing soon"