Who’s In Charge of Your Social Media Strategy & Execution?

Are you placing your least experienced employee in charge of your social media; the face of your company to millions? Too many companies are hiring inexperienced firms or college students to build and execute a social media strategy for their company.  Most of the students have either not been on Twitter, dislike it, or have little experience beyond Facebook and tagging drunken pictures of friends from the party last weekend.  Many of the companies in charge of Twitter strategies have less than 40 followers, just got a Facebook account up, or have no strategy/execution plan. Social media effectiveness is directly proportional to reach and making sure the person on the other end is listening and cares about your offering. Youth trumps age in athletics, but not with business strategy and marketing execution; that’s where experience trumps ignorance!

I challenge you to check the Twitter Grade of your social media expert.  This isn’t the final word on Twitter expertise, but it can help you in making a decision.  Take a look at our CIO, Nan Palmero’s Twitter Grader score.  You’ll usually find his score around 99.9x (it fluctuates a bit), and typically between #1 and #10 ranked person on Twitter in San Antonio.  Now, go back to http://twitter.grader.com and fill in the twitter handle of your company or the company or person you are considering hiring.  Is it below Nan’s dog, @clunkerspalmero? His dog just joined Twitter and has a rating of 94 out of 100. The difference between my present rank, (@erikdarm) at 98.4 and Nan’s at 99.95 is 43,377 people out of about 2,841,887!

Here is a quick understanding of Twitter Grader.  Twitter Grader measures the power, reach and authority of a Twitter account.  In other words, when you tweet, what kind of an impact does it have?  It is based upon the following criteria, although not all are equally weighted:

1. Number of Followers

2. Power of Followers

3. Updates

4. Update Recency

5. Follower/Following Ratio

6. Engagement

Here is my last thought. It’s time for me to visit my Dentist, Dr. Jay Roach.  Lately, though, the guy that cuts my lawn also seems to have experience in brushing and flossing and wants to handle my family’s dental care. I think I’ll let him take over our dental and orthodontic needs. After all, he has done a good job on our lawn.  Your thoughts?

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