Southwest Airlines: A Quick Case Study of Please & Thank You

Southwest Tray Table

I often fly Southwest Airlines.  With four flights in two days moving a variety of passengers from professional to blue collar workers of all ages, one thing stood out…how few people said “thank you” to the flight attendants when offered peanuts, drinks or when a request was fulfilled. I sat next to a lady about 70+ years old with a special request, Wheat Thins. She never said “please” or “thank you” after they looked for her. I should have thanked them for her.

After this experience, I asked one of the flight attendants what percentage of the time he thought he got a “thank you.” He said about 30 percent. I am now going to ask them all on every flight.  Why? We need to remember the magic words of “please” and “thank you.”  It’s the right thing to do AND it sells or un-sells!

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Bruce Hanedel
Bruce Hanedel

I agree, the "magic words" we learned as kids are so important, as human feelings really matter most in every interaction in our lives. It's the basic law of karma, too, so it's always in our own interest to be respectful in each situation. Living in Japan, I've seen how this can transform a society. Amazing the difference it can make to be shown a little appreciation.