People Are Watching

Today I was traveling From San Antonio to Big Spring, Texas and I landed in the Midland/Odessa Airport.  I had forgotten my prepared itinerary for my trip, so I did not know what rental car company I needed to visit.  The first one I noticed was Enterprise with two ladies looking very angry.  They had no customers and were staring off into space, each with a scowl.   At about 15’ away I started laughing out loud and called out to them asking “Who are you angry with?” There was a third lady with a smile who kindly told me I did not have a reservation with them.

Remember, people are watching you.  Are you smiling and living your company or organization’s brand?

Photo by Theklan

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We're listening and will be forwarding this blog entry to the Midland/Odessa airport for their review. Thanks for the feedback - enjoy your time in Texas! - Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car