Dream Big – Thank You Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Strip with City Center - Nan Palmero

I love Las Vegas! Not for the gambling, the sin, the late nights or the shows. The shows are good but my love goes towards the outcome of dreamers like Steve Wynn and the many others who have created a city of architectural awesomeness. The technology, the lights, and the Bellagio Fountains with an incredible music serenade. So many people I know do not like Las Vegas and one thought is that perhaps they are not seeing the flowers for the weeds.  The see, feel, touch, experience can be unreal if you open the senses and, of course, your palate to the incredible foods.  My take away from this trip is huge from incredible speakers, including some one on one time with Bob Bloom and John Assaraf.

My biggest take away, though, is the need to continue to dream and dream BIG. We are limited by ourselves and our environment!  I realized that too many times in my life I have put self constraints on success, happiness and my ability to think big.  Friends and family can be a huge influence on our thinking and ability to dream big or constrain our dreaming. Who are you dreaming with and do you remember how to dream?   For me, Las Vegas is stimulus to think bigger, do bigger things and be part of something bigger than myself.

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