Only YOU can make you happy.

“Only you can make you happy.”
~Aaron “Marty” Martinson

I read this quote this week and thought of how many people I know that un-sell themselves on their own happiness. A few years ago I wrote a post called “You are responsible for your own orgasm”. It was a title that freaked a few people out, but its point was: you are responsible for your own happiness.

Life happens.

Your BlackBerry is now in German because you sat on it.
Your spouse is not “making you happy”.
Your kids are not behaving.

Your company was bought out and you are afraid of layoffs, so you spend all your time looking for a job and shooting out resumes.

Change is inevitable.

The only thing in life you are fully in charge of is you. 2011 is happening and that means more change, more new, more opportunities to sell yourself happiness.

Make it your priority to smile, and imagine the positive outcomes of achieving your goals. If others are de-motivating you, tell them! Show other people what you want and need from them, but never, never give up in the face of adversity. YOU are responsible!

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