Sales and Dating Questionnaire

Hello all,

Right now, we are working on a book I’ve been wanting to write for a long time that focuses on Sales and Dating: You are either Selling or Un-Selling. The title for the book has not been decided on yet and won’t be for a while.

We’ve created a quick survey that we would love for you to take.  Also, please feel free to contribute a short story of a situation that has sold you or un-sold you on a product, person, or idea– the main goal of the book is to communicate what these things are and how they influence our lives.

My goal with this book is to help the reader understand that everyone sells, or potentially un-sells, in marriage, dating, with employees and employers and the list goes on. We have done some great research on this and there is more to come. This survey give you the option to say yes or no to having your name in the book if you would like to contribute.

If you would like, please have your employees, friends, et al. take the survey!

Thank you and warm regards,

Erik Darmstetter

P.S. The attendees of the sessions we are teaching on this subject have put this data to work to the benefit of their business and personal lives. We will be including short stories at the Salesby5 Blog if you want to hear what is going on.

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