Are you listening to the important things?

I was preparing to make a decision to move into a house that was 11 miles away from where my kids live during the school week with their mom. I am currently 5.5 miles away. After telling my kids, they both voiced the following with extreme sadness: “We want you closer, not further away!” On 9/11/11 I listened. I made the decision to work hard to live on the same street or neighborhood they live in.
A few days later, my daughter asked me: “So, Dad, did you get ‘that’ house?”
I replied, “No honey.”
“Why Dad?”
“Because you said it was too far from you, and you’re right.”
She started to apologize but I reassured her than often we make decisions that we think we have to, but in reality, we aren’t listening to what matters most.

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