How Fast?

It is a question you are going to hear more of in the future in many, if not all areas of life. Gen X was the want it now generation and today technology allows us to have instant downloads, instant gratification and instant messaging. Gen Y lives as if it was always here. Parents have […]

Fire Everyone Today...

Fire Everyone Today…

The second time I attended a Rockefeller Habits workshop (we now teach them), Verne Harnish asked us a question: If you were to fire everyone from your company today, who would you re-hire with enthusiasm?  I came back to town and fired a few. You will be amazed, as I was, at the reactions from […]

Land a Tough Appointment – FAST!

Have you ever tried to get into a meeting with someone who you know could propel your life/career/project but they were always too busy?  You asked if you could get "squeezed into their calendar soon" with a response from them or their assistant saying they were overbooked already?  Here’s a tip that serves two purposes, […]


Do You Show Up and Throw Up?

Do you show up and throw up?  If someone asks you what you do, is your response long winded?  Are people leaving the conversation before you can ask them the same question in return?  Our “marketing piece” is literally an airline-grade barf bag with a Sales Safety Information card inside of it!  It is remarkable, […]

A $482,057.34 Idea

Most people have heard this story, but it is worth repeating because the information is as relevant today as it was in the early 1900’s. Ivy Lee called on Charles Schwab offering to help him manage the Bethlehem Steel Company better. Schwab was used to offers like this and flatly responded that he wasn’t "managing […]


A good friend of mine recently had an interesting comment regarding luck. He has been hugely successful in his entrepreneurial journey with The Scooter Store. On a recent visit there with the Sales by 5 team he told us of the true meaning of "Being Lucky." In his words, anyone can be lucky.  Lucky means […]

Marketing Physics

How many awards are won and entered for advertisements?  Advertisements that are pretty, witty or cute usually win.  Sometimes advertisements for companies that have already gone out of business win!  What if an award existed for advertisements that actually served a smarter purpose – selling more?  Whether it be selling more bicycles, more people at […]