Signature Growth Workshop

Our most popular growth sessions combined into 2 half day workshops. Get your team on the same page to grow quickly, work smarter, and reach your goals faster.

Day 1: Core Values & Strategic Planning (4 hrs.)

  • Core Values Exercise – Learn to communicate your company values to staff and customers and how to live them daily in all decisions. These core values are behaviors that you hire and fire for.
  • Strategic Planning (vision road map)
  • Vision and BHAG: Uncover the vision and the BHAG 15 years out
  • Purpose: Uncover the purpose of the organization. The WHY!
  • Growth Targets & One Year Plan: Identify key initiatives for the quarter, year, and next 3-5 years that align with a BHAG. Develop individual accountability.
  • Brand Promise: Identify 3 key actions you can promise customers.
  • 3-5 Year Sandbox: Identify your primary geographical reach and your primary products and services.
  • Specify “Smart Numbers”: Identify 3 key metrics to measure goal progress. Get employees on board with daily and weekly metrics that drive their performance.

Day 2: Priorities, Implementation & Strengths (4 hrs.) 

  • Revisit Day 1
  • Work through opportunities for growth
  • Work through the top priorities for Quarter and assign accountability to all employees
  • How to implement the one page plan, core values, brand promise.
  • Developing awesome meetings! Huddle training ‐ Drive a simple daily meeting that leads your sales team to success.
  • Introduction to Strengths in the work place. A team building session! (1.25 hours)
  • Communication Rhythms: Develop practical and efficient regular meeting rhythms to keep meetings short and effective
  • Clarity and Accountability: Ensure everyone in your company is clear on accountabilities and has a roadmap for growth.

Includes follow-up to help with implementation.