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photo by seretuaccidente

Your Bag of Tricks

When I was at CES, one of the big pushes was for connected devices.  Although it isn’t necessarily new, you can control your door locks and home cooling and heating with your BlackBerry.  You can stream shows from your DVR to your iPhone.  What was incredible was that one of the speakers at Social Media […]


How Zappos Changed My Day

Yesterday, my new friend Alex (@alx007) gave me (@nanpalmero) a tour of Zappos, the online store that is “Powered by Service.”  The entire tour was remarkable.  We were picked up by the wonderful Roz (@rozzie1) in the Zappos Tahoe. She was an absolute beam of light, so full of joy.  Once we arrived, we were […]

photo by peasap

The Queen and Her Ships

Yesterday, I (Nan) attended the Social Media Jungle at CES in Las Vegas.   One of the first speakers was Chris Brogan, who is pretty widely recognized as being one of the top experts in social media.  He made an excellent historical analogy of how social media is working today versus traditional.  For those of you […]