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Five Days Can Make a Difference!

Last Friday’s blog was about how stepping out in faith is much harder than staying where you are out of fear. This week’s posts have been about going from a standard to a great e-mail by changing your dialogue and about preparing for 2009 marketing by having faith in doing more while others remain dormant. Today: How […]


Getting What You Pay For

A couple of weeks ago, I (Sarah) was shopping at La Cantera, a local mall in San Antonio. As I walked through various levels of retail, I realized that in this industry, you absolutely get what you pay for. At BCBG, I was offered wine as I walked through the door, and had multiple people […]

Everything Matters!

Everything Matters!

What if you worked at a company, in any capacity, and the way people looked, talked, and acted sold you or unsold you? What if you had children or a spouse and the way you talked to them, looked at them, spent time with them, and lived with them sold them or unsold them on […]