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Are you recession proof?

We’re in Day 2 of Fortune Small Business’ Sales and Marketing Summit in New Orleans. We heard from Victor Cheng this morning, who gave great clarity to recession proof business. Companies like FedEx, UPS, Price Mart and Coors were all founded during a recession. They succeeded (to say the least) because they solved a problem […]


What Are We Learning?

Attending the Gazelles/Fortune Small Business Growth conferences for the past 4 years, I have noticed that the recent MBA’s there are always upset that they hadn’t already learned all of this content during their education.  For example, even Jim Collins’ Good to Great was missing from their required and suggested reading lists.  In working at […]


It’s the Culture, Dummy!

Jack Daly rocked the house yesterday in Orlando at the Fortune Small Business Sales and Marketing Growth Summit. One of the great points was that it’s the culture that matters. As he stated, Microsoft has great benefits and great pay. They have a market share the is enviable. Guess what? People are leaving to Google. […]