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Focus Your Lens, Help Others

Focus Your Lens, Help Others

In photography, you’ll find endless types of lenses. Interestingly, you can be standing in the exact same spot but different lenses will capture varying parts of your subject and each can tell a varied story. In our lives, we find that people are very similar. Each person is going to approach a situation with their […]

Succession planning, important for Apple and for your company

What Happens After Steve Jobs?

The recent news of Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple until June has analysts, customers and reporters on the edge of their seats.  Leander Kahney, who wrote Inside Steve’s Brain, speaks of Jobs as being the one whose hand is figuratively on designer Johnathan Ive’s hand in designing Apple products and being the mastermind behind the company.  That combined with […]


Selling the Vision to the End

This post was about selling your vision. The greatest leaders know they have succeeded when their teams excel without their presence. My father-in-law, Bob McEntire, passed away Saturday after his long fight with multiple cancers. He went in peace. He left us with a strong message to stay together as a family and see each […]


Leading Upward

Does your company maintain a culture open enough to lead upward?  Leading upward means that the people above you, whether in actual or perceived rank, allow you to lead them as well.  Not only does your culture need to be in proper form to allow this, but the leaders above you need to be at […]