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Two Calls

Two Calls

I got two calls in the last 30 days.  One was just last Wednesday.  Both were former employees who worked for me.  One from 7 years ago and the other, 4 years ago.  They both gave me unexpected gratitude for making an impact on their lives, which inspired me, and I am forever grateful. My purpose (ERIK), and the purpose of […]


Sales and Circles

We all have our circles we run in, work in, and hang out in. A great sales force is made up of people that run in diverse circles. Some in social, hunting, chambers, board members, etc. A great team is made of diverse people who have different strengths and different associations. If everyone is in […]


You are…

…what you eat.  …who you think you are.  …who you hang around. When I was 15. I had ambition, energy, and passion for cars. I was searching for who I was.  I had friends who were encouraging the wrong things, weren’t positive, and worst of all, they de-motivated me. When I was 16 I had […]


What Do People See in You?

 Yesterday was all about your “Touch.” What do you leave people with regarding your pitch, your benefit and the reason to believe in you?  Today we will teach you the “See,” as in, what do your potential customers see in you, your company, and your brand? I will illustrate with two stories, both real. 1.  […]