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Bored Beyond Belief

Do you talk too much?

For over 20 years it has been the biggest problem with sales people (all of us)! Show up and throw up versus ask great questions.  And then be interested versus interesting! Dr. Mark Goulston’s short video on YouTube is excellent for everyone. The point is you have 20 seconds to talk/ask questions and then it […]

Sales & Dating: Learn How to Sell with Success

March 20th – Sales and Dating: Sell Yourself with Success

Two women are at the bar catching up, and a cheesy looking guy swaggers up. Without introducing himself or asking their names, he immediately says, “Did you just fall from heaven? ‘Cause you must be an angel.” As readers, we’re pretty sure what happens next… discomfort, dismissal, and disappointment- probably some laughter. For those of […]


What’s The Discount For?

Have you ever walked into a store and seen something on sale at an unbelievable price?  If you’re like most customers your first thought is, “Wow. This is great.” But then it’s immediately followed by, “And I wonder what’s wrong with it?” Of course you’re skeptical.  You’ve been told ever since you were a child […]


Kindness is (Coffee) Beans

This past weekend, my wife and I traveled to Corpus Christi to visit friends and family.  Yesterday was a miserable day weather-wise in Corpus, 30+ mph winds, drizzle and chilly.  Before returning to San Antonio, I pumped my gas and awaited my receipt, then I saw the frustrating “RECEIPT WITH CASHIER.”  As I made the […]