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Front desk

Sales Trends 2012- Getting Past the Gatekeeper, Mobile Payments

Sales Trends 2012 December Newsletter Getting Past the Gatekeeper — Instead of fighting to get past the front desk person, build a relationship with them. Often highly motivated and under-valued, these office “gatekeepers” are going places, and if you play your cards right, they’ll take you along for the ride. Here are the action steps to […]

Victor Cheng

How do we adapt?

If you have been following the SalesBy5 blog, you have heard us talk often about adapting to the “new normal” of our economic environment. A recession has the tendency to paralyze and cause fear in small businesses. Instead, we should seek ways to accept the reality and adapt quickly.  How? Victor Cheng, recession marketing expert, tells us […]


Using Great Technology

How many companies really use technology to save money or make money or build teams? Salesby5 has a very high standard for hiring, mostly based on individual strengths and capabilities. We look for people who believe in our core values and can represent our brand extremely well. After interviewing here, I (Sarah) felt honored to […]


What Do People See in You?

 Yesterday was all about your “Touch.” What do you leave people with regarding your pitch, your benefit and the reason to believe in you?  Today we will teach you the “See,” as in, what do your potential customers see in you, your company, and your brand? I will illustrate with two stories, both real. 1.  […]