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Don't Show Up and Throw Up

10 Second Pitch Barf Bag

When people ask you what you do, is your response: “Uhhh…”? Or worse, do you spew forth meaningless words? Do people stick their headphones in or roll their eyeballs ironically? For all you word vomiters out there, we made something for you. Our 10 Second Pitch Barf Bag “marketing piece” is an airline-grade barf bag […]

Two Way Communications In Restaurants

Two Way Communications In Restaurants

Hello again from San Francisco!  We are at CTIA, one of the largest wireless conventions in the United States where we are exposing ourselves to great people and stimuli for the benefit of our clients. Yesterday we had dinner at The Franciscan, a seafood restaurant overlooking the bay with Alcatraz in the background. Their menu is […]


Think Bigger!

 When I sold the least, I didn’t think big. A common phrase around our office is “think bigger!” If you could have an event that gets real estate brokers to see a development and you serve food, beer and wine, that is salt and pepper. How about a broker event, on undeveloped land, that has […]


Why Tradeshows Are Crucial…

We go to numerous tradeshows and conferences annually. We sometimes forget what it’s all about before we get there, because we get excited about the speakers and the new things to see.  Then we remember, it’s about the relationships.  Let me be more clear –  IT’S ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s not about the schwag, new […]

Free Estimates!

The company that takes care of my lawn has a sign on the doors of the truck in big bold letters: Free Estimates 1.       Lawn care in this city is a high commodity business. I live in a neighborhood where there are 160 houses with about 80 “lawn care companies” doing business. 2.  […]