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Focus Your Lens, Help Others

Focus Your Lens, Help Others

In photography, you’ll find endless types of lenses. Interestingly, you can be standing in the exact same spot but different lenses will capture varying parts of your subject and each can tell a varied story. In our lives, we find that people are very similar. Each person is going to approach a situation with their […]


Develop a Rabid Fan Base

How frequently do you find people talking about what they want, how important they are and what they’re looking to accomplish next? Most people are friendly enough to allow that chatter for a bit, but it gets boring quickly. Instead of framing your life around what you’re looking to accomplish, look to build a rabid […]


One Thing.

In the movie City Slickers, a group of friends take a “vacation” at a dude ranch. Curley, played by Jack Palance, is a rough, wise old cowboy who shares the following with Mitch, played by Billy Crystal: Curley: Do you know what the secret of life is? Mitch: No, what? Curley: This. (Holds up his […]


Are you using your Strengths?

We all know that there are inherent desires and passions within us that gravitate towards different subjects. You’ve known this since you were a kid. What are some of those passions that you have where you have endless levels of energy to read, research and grow? According to Marcus Buckingham, Strengths have SIGNs: Success – […]


Using Great Technology

How many companies really use technology to save money or make money or build teams? Salesby5 has a very high standard for hiring, mostly based on individual strengths and capabilities. We look for people who believe in our core values and can represent our brand extremely well. After interviewing here, I (Sarah) felt honored to […]

A Man that Inspires Salesby5!

A Man that Inspires Salesby5!

Today at 5pm, there will be a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of our CIO (Chief inspiration officer) and Co-Author of the SalesBy5 blog, Nan Palmero. He earned his title long ago, long before I met him. His friends will also attest to his incredible ability to help, lead, and inspire. When I met him, […]