This company was built for organizations that need to increase sales, profits and loyalty. Let us help you raise awareness and sell your company. We make the process easy.

Marketing Consulting:
    We drive development with innovation. We study what's working around the world, focusing on professionals that are testing products and services in the USA.

    Creating Events that Motivate:
    Our clients get events that create memorable experiences for prospects, bringing into play strong recommendations of the products and services they are selling.

    Brand Management:
    We bring outside eyes looking at much more than just the integrity of sales, culture and messages. It means looking into where a company can have a hole in one year, if we don’t fix the leak now. We have management experience with hundreds of brands including the Texas-based NCAA Final Four championship, TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas, Wells Fargo Advisors across six states, Tesoro Corporation and small companies that are funded startups. We know how to make sure people live and promote your brand.

Sales by 5 Blog

See our latest wisdom on great sales practices, and also learn what not to do. Keep an eye out for our social experiments.

Life at Sales by 5...
  • Living the Brand – Miner Corporation

    Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214-11

    A story of the Miner Corporation and branding that will knock your knee-high socks off! Nan Palmero and I took two cameras and about an hour to visit the first Salesby5 client from March, 1st 2002! We wanted to see how the branding has not only lasted over 12 years, but also grown in the […]

  • Becker Fine Wine and Beckendorf Fine Art Event

    Becker Fine Wine and Beckendorf Fine Art Event

    Last Sunday we executed a successful event for the fine Texas art of the Charles Beckendorf Gallery and Becker Vineyards. We invited hundreds of people to come enjoy Becker Vineyards, their delicious wine and gorgeous facilities with art from the gallery and photos by our award winning photographer, Nan Palmero. If you would like to […]

  • Events That Sell: Charles Beckendorf Day

    Events That Sell: Charles Beckendorf Day

    One of our specialties is creating events that sell. Over the last 12 years there have been many, here’s our most recent venture: Our client is the Charles Beckendorf Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas. Our job is to get the gallery the attention it deserves. The day before Father’s Day, we created an event that was […]