Do Your Business Cards Suck?

So how bad is it?  We recently met a very nice person with a top New York ad agency at CES in Las Vegas. He had a card he was proud of and when we asked why, he said it was because the designers had worked very hard and come up with a "less is more" design. It had his name and company name.  That’s it.  If you wanted to see his website, find out what he did (after you quickly forgot), or call him, you had to do work. Someone thought this was brilliant.

Look at your card. Does it tell the recipient what benefits them? Most do not and this can be an advantage! Most people do not look at business cards when you hand them over. It is rude, in my opinion, as I always review them when I receive them.  I like to find a benefit for myself, my clients or my vendors.

So check out your business card.  Is the back blank or do you have bullet points with the benefits you provide?  Does it have your website or blog on there?  You have a 70% greater chance of success and profitability with clarity in your message.  Sales is like dating, if someone wants to date you, they make it easy to be found and contacted.

Remember, people often misplace or file business cards, then find them weeks, months or years later.  If you make it easy for people to remember what you do and how you benefit them, you have a greater chance of having SalesBy5.

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business cards are important
business cards are important

I agree with every word. Business cards are so important to create good first impression that they cannot be over looked and must be done in a proper way. For small businesses who can't afford a professional designer, I suggest using one of the online printing sites. Usually there are great designs there and you can end up with a great looking, professional business card in minutes.