Pay Attention to Your Strengths – Write It Down!

You may remember the post about Playing to Your Strengths recently, where we talked about a Strength being something that strengthens you and fulfills you while a Weakness is something that drains you or weakens you. 

Here’s how to start figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses lie – write it down!  Write down the activities you love doing and those things that you procrastinate doing.  After doing this for a week or two, look back and see what themes developed.  Did it matter who/when/why/how you were doing this?  Some people prefer to communicate over the phone while others prefer via email.  To some the communication method doesn’t matter.  Details like this can make the difference between enjoying your day and living perpetually annoyed at work, or worse.

So pay attention to those activities that fulfill you… embrace them.  Figure out how to shift your day from your weaknesses to your strengths.  We can help you, find out more here.

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