Everything Matters!

What if you worked at a company, in any capacity, and the way people looked, talked, and acted sold you or unsold you?

What if you had children or a spouse and the way you talked to them, looked at them, spent time with them, and lived with them sold them or unsold them on you?

Well…everything matters. It turns out that people quit people, not the company (largest percentage) and spouses leave spouses, not the kids. The ratios for positive to negative interactions are a critical number for any business and any family! Do you know your ratio of positive interactions to negative you need to have a healthy business and family? The number is 3 to 1 for business and 5 to 1 in a marriage.  Are you hitting these everyday?

We know how to help you sell more. More boyfriends/girlfriends, more mowers and more service calls.  We can help you get beyond your expectations.


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