Selling Smart – Promise Only What You Can

I wanted take my family on an RV trip, and hoped they would like it, if not; it had no chance of happening again.  My options were to sell them or let them sell themselves. Step one; show the RV, a 39 foot diesel pusher that was new, cool, and loaded. The RV was the focus, and the RV Park was not. We had never done this before but had seen scary RV parks next to busy highways!

I have learned a few lessons in my life, and one is selling an experience that I cannot promise/guarantee is a great way to un-sell anything in the future. I then showed the ride (my only promise) and let them sell the rest to themselves!

The outcome…it was a giant hit! Expectations were met, the RV was over the top cool and we ended up river front on the Frio River with the best campsite in the park.

Next time you need to sell something you can only partially promise, focus on that.  Let the rest take care of itself.  You never know when you might stumble on a winner.


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